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Alpaca Foot Warmers

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American Choice Alpaca Foot Warmers - Shoe Inserts - Insoles

Are your feet COLD right now? Brrrrr! Do you have aching feet in those shoes?

You need alpaca shoe inserts!




To be clear - NO Alpacas are ever harmed or killed to obtain their fleece! It is a natural process to sheer them each year (or they will die of heat stroke in our hot climate), so the fleece that is shorn off is turned into these beautiful, hypoallergenic pieces of fluff.


  • Shoe inserts (insoles) made from 100% Natural Alpaca fiber
  • Grown and hand crafted in the USA!
  • Warm, thick, soft and comfortable
  • Works in outdoor boots, motorcycle boots, indoor shoes, and even slippers
  • Comfortable year round (will not make your feet sweat)
  • Wicks away moisture to keep feet dry and happy
  • Makes a great gift!

These Alpaca Shoe Inserts are a bit over ¼” thick.  Made from a cross layered 100% felt, these insoles will last and last. 


SMALL Fits small women and children
MEDIUM Fits most women
LARGE Fits most men
X LARGE Size 11 and up.



Hand wash and hang to dry.

You are supporting Alpaca farms by purchasing these USA grown and hand made insoles!

What People Are Saying:

"These Alpaca Inserts feel so nice and warm I'm almost looking forward to shoveling snow in these. At least my feet won't be freezing this time!" -Gene

“My feet have never felt better. As a general contractor I work inside and outside in all types of weather. My feet stay warm when I am outside and comfortable when I am inside. After working on my feet all day I put another couple hours standing while making my handmade jewelry. Thanks for making a great product right from the farm.” -  Brian Confer, BriCon handmade jewelry. 

“Working outside on the alpaca farm can be brutal during the cold winter months. Your felt shoe inserts are the best! My feet stay warm and dry weather I am wearing my muck boots or sneakers. I put them in every pair of shoes I own….. awesome.” – Marcia Lilly, Alpaca Farm Manager. 

“I have an old pair of slippers that I absolutely love and will not throw away. I purchased a pair of your felt alpaca shoe inserts and my slippers are like new! I love the inserts.” - Alice, farm market customer.




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