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Learn all about this amazing Natural & Sustainable Fiber!

We use only U.S. Grown alpaca fiber for clothing and accessories. This provides alpaca farms with a method to maximize the value of their fiber and gain access to commercial scale processing all while maintaining complete control over their business.

Some of our accessories are made from our VERY OWN Alpaca fleece from our ranch in PA (If they are listed as "custom" they are ours). We use a very talented, Autistic man who spins our yarn into the most beautiful scarves, hats, rugs, and socks! It helps him to focus and it rewards us with some very beautiful and perfect accessories. He uses very unique patterns for the scarves and they are one of a kind pieces. 


To be clear - NO Alpacas are ever harmed or killed to obtain their fleece! There is a certain number of attrition and once they have died a natural death, some products are made from it. We do not sell these products. 

However, It is a natural process to sheer them each year (or they will die of heat stroke in our hot climate), so the fur that is shorn off is turned into our beautiful, hypoallergenic pieces of fluff; such as socks, hats, scarves and gloves.



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