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Alpaca Teddy Bear

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Alpaca Teddy Bears!

Alpaca Teddy Bears are warm and ultimately huggable! 

Made from the softest and finest alpaca pelts in natural colors. Enjoy the warm fluffy feel of alpaca in this lovable toy.

Perfectly sized to stuff into a diaper bag or purse (2 sizes - 7-9" and 9-11"), these bears make GREAT gifts for your children, nieces, nephews, friends or grandchildren. 

View all images of the children with the bear to get a good idea on size.


Kids become obsessed over them!

No animals were harmed to make this stuffed animal.

  • 100% Dye Free
  • Hypoallergenic (lanolin free)
  • Soft & Cuddly
  • Unique (no two are exactly the same)
  • Fair Trade Certified


Each bear is unique. No two look exactly alike. Colors are completely random when mixed is chosen.

  • White: you may get a cream or a white with a tan nose.
  • Brown: you may get a medium brown or dark brown.
  • Fawn: you may get a light cream fawn or a medium tan fawn
  • Mixed: you may get a white with brown, or a brown with white, or a brown with tan.

These are made by hand and are completely unique. 

Precisely hand made by talented Fair Trade artisans in Peru.

For children 3 and up.